About me

Hello friends, my name is Amit Kumar. I live in Aligarh in U.P. This is my first blog on wordpress. I tried sometimes on blogger, but I could not get success.  I am reading now-a-days in a government college of my town. I am studying .

In this every second changing world we should use our abilities at time, otherwise the chance will be gone and we can not say that one more chance will come. I think I have some abilities and qualities of reading, learning, observing and some others.

Interests and hobbies

I like reading books of novels, stories, Hindi poems, spirituality and even text books.

I am fond of playing Cricket, but I did not play from a long time I also like to see Cricket matches.

I also love walking, cycling, bike riding, exercising and some more.

 I like singing poems more than songs.


I like Paolo Coelho’s Alchemist and Nadi ke Dweep’ by ‘Agyeya’ in books.

I like Harry Potter series, The Illusionist, Dangal, Munna bhai MBBS, PK, Ghajni etc. movies.

I like poems of Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Jaishankar Prashad, Ramdhari sing ‘Dinkar’ etc.

I tried to tell you about myself as I can. So if you have any query about me you can ask me.

Thank You.